15 ways to win over your flatmates

Living with flatmates can be daunting. No matter how many great jokes or interesting facts you tell, there’s this one person who just doesn’t seem to warm up to your great personality. Here's our top tips!

1. Think of your flatmates when ordering food

When you’re ordering food, or going to the corner shop ask if your flatmates want anything. You don’t need to pay for them but show you’re thinking of them as well as yourself is a nice gesture. Or just ask if they want a cup of coffee or tea next time you’re making some.

2. Pay rent and bills on time

No one likes to have to chase for money, so even if your flatmates earn more than you, make sure you pay your part of the bills on time.

3. Boyfriend/ girlfriend etiquette

You’ve met that special someone and you can’t bear the idea of not spending every minute together. Remember though that constantly having another person around might not be as nice for your flatmates and can quickly lead to resentment.

4. Take an interest in their life

Ask your flatmates how their day’s been and actually take an interest in what they say. If you know they’re having an important day coming up, give them a little cheer in the morning.

5. Suggest flat date nights – but know when to back off

Suggest a flat date night, where you all go out or stay in and watch a movie. But also allow each other their own space. Remember it’s a flat-share not a cult.

6. Be nice to their friends

When you hear your flatmate is having friends over, go and say hi. You don’t need to spend the entire evening with them but don’t be a ghost hiding in your bedroom.

7. Clean after yourself

Be respectful and clean up after yourself and while you’re at it, don’t be pedantic. If your flatmate left a cup out, wash it up as well.

8. Use your skills

If you’re a great cook or baker, surprise your flatmates with a great meal or some delicious homemade cookies. Alternatively, if you’re great with tools, suggest to fix that leaky tap in the bathroom.


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9. Replace the toilet roll

Always replace the toilet roll. This is non-negotiable!

10. Know your own annoying habits

We all have our own idiosyncrasies which we might think, make us adorable but can actually be quite annoying for those around us. Be aware of them and the impact they have on other people.

11. Exchange emergency information

Be each other’s emergency contact, it adds an extra level to your relationship.

12. Don’t be upset with the person for not being you

We’re all wonderfully different, so don’t get upset when your flatmate doesn’t act or think the same as you in every situation.

13. Give each other at least a few hours in the flat alone each week

If you like to have the place to yourself once in a while, whether to sit around in your pants or sing along to those 90’s classics, most likely your flatmates do as well.

14. Look after each other

When your flatmate hasn’t come home, send a text to see if they’re alright. No need to be their parent but most people like to know that if something would happen, someone will notice.

15. Communicate and compromise

And finally remember all good relationships are built on communication and compromise. So, if something bothers you talk about it but think first if it’s worth having an argument about. Living with someone else means compromise as well.