Does your home contents insurance have these 5 features?

Read 5 top features of our contents insurance for renters!

At Urban Jungle we specialise in home contents insurance. That means we spend pretty much all of our day thinking about it, and we’ve noticed that our product has some quite different features that you might not notice on first look. If you’re a renter or a flat owner, it’s worth thinking about whether you’re getting the cover you need from your home insurance.

We’ve set out some of the most important features here.

Spoiler alert! Urban Jungle policies have all of them…

1. High Cover Limits

How much is everything you own in this world worth (excluding any cars or buildings)?

Most people tend to guess at £15-20k, but in our experience most people are under-valuing the level of cover they need for several reasons:

  • They forget all the little stuff that adds up – clothes, shoes, crockery and utensils, bedding, odd bits of furniture, lighting, etc, etc…
  • …as well as the new things that they will buy during the year
  • They think about the current value of their possessions, not how much they would cost to replace (most insurance is ‘new for old’)
  • They ignore other costs you might rack up if you make a claim, like getting locks replaced, or paying for a hotel whilst your home is repaired

The reason this really matters is because, if you make a big claim, the underwriter will come and visit your house and value all your stuff. If they think you’ve been buying too little cover, they’ll only pay out a percentage of your claim.

Weirdly though, underwriters don’t charge much for increasing your cover level, so we’ve made a cover level of £50k standard on our products.

Does your insurance have enough cover?

2. Tenants Liability Cover

These days landlords are taking some pretty chunky deposits whenever new tenants move in. This can be a big cash squeeze, but it’s even worse if you lose a lot of the deposit when you move out.

Tenants liability cover insures you for amounts the landlord might deduct from your deposit because of damage to his or her property.

This feature is pretty rare and many companies do not offer it, but it’s available with our policies.

Cool, huh?


3. Cover on the move

We know it’s not really in the name, but the best home insurance can also cover your favourite possessions when you’re out and about.

A lot of cover allows this in some form, but phones and bikes are often excluded.

Our policies include cover for your things when you’re at work or at a friend’s house.

You can also add cover for phones, bikes and a whole host of other things you might want to carry around. Its great value, and has pretty sensible terms.

4. Transparent pricing

Does your insurance have transparent pricing, or are you just getting a flat price?

There are loads of options for home insurance, so some providers just roll them all together. That might mean you are paying for more cover than you want / need.

We’ve worked hard to break out the most important prices for you, whilst still keeping things simple. You’ll find it quick and easy to customise your policy.

5. Complete flexibility

Insurance providers are famous for charging whenever you need to make even the smallest change.

We know that life as a renter can be complicated, and you might need to change things up pretty regularly, so its free to make any changes with our standard contents insurance policy, and you can even cancel the rest of the year’s cover for free at any time too.

Hopefully you won’t need to cancel though, as you can easily move your insurance between houses or add new housemates.

Urban Jungle is not a financial advisor and information in this article should not be taken as advice or recommendation.