10 tops tips on getting through lockdown with housemates

We’re in the middle of a second nationwide lockdown but this time it's winter.

We know lots of people love working from home and are jumping on the work from home revelation but it’s quite likely they don’t share a small home with other people.

They probably have a garden and live further away from the city and are cutting down their commute time. Whereas younger renters live in cities in small spaces with others to cut the cost of renting.

We know it’s hard work, and as much as you get on with your flatmates there are going to be tensions through another nationwide lockdown. We’ve put together 10 top tips on getting through the lockdown together in a houseshare or a flatshare.

1. Share your common space working or studying

If you’re working or studying it’s likely you’ll all be on a call at the same time over the next 3 weeks. To stop these frustrations arising, put a rota together to allocate time to each person in the shared space. This means you can organise your meetings or use the time away from your bedroom to focus.

2. Work on the bills together

Working or studying from home during a lockdown in the winter probably also means higher heating bills. Before the arguments start, read our blog on how to keep tips on keeping your home warm this winter here. This will help keep you warm and costs low.

3. Clean clean clean

More cooking, more drinking and more ‘being’? Yes, it’s going to be more untidy than usual but it’s worth making an extra effort to be mindful of someone else’s cleaning standards. Unclean homes can be really stressful for some people (if it doesn’t stress you out, it probably should). Be mindful of your flatmates and keep it clean since you’re going to be around for a while.

4. Noise levels

While my flatmate thinks it’s fine to listen to ‘3 am techno music’ at 11 am on Monday mornings, it doesn't work out for my company-wide meeting. Get a group chat going with your housemates if you don’t have one already and give them the heads up you’ll appreciate quiet for the next hour while you're working.

5. Arrange fun nights together

Your housemates might be your best friends or people you don’t know very well at all. In any case, you all share something in common- you live under the same roof. Since we’ll be here for the next month, arrange a fun Friday evening together. It could be a come dine with me special or a games night.

6. Take breaks together

Don’t forget to take breaks. That tea break you used to take with your colleague, take it with your flatmate. Talking about something else other than work or studying in the day can help you feel slightly more normal!


7. However, it’s important to remember your alone time

If you live in a small place, you may all feel on top of each other which can be overwhelming. Do something for yourself and look after yourself in this time #selfcare. This could be a lunchtime walk, a spot of yoga or a movie night for one.

8. Keep calm and be understanding of others feelings and stress

If you’re getting annoyed, angry or fed up, the likelihood is that your flatmates probably are as well. It’s important to be mindful of each other during this time as stress levels are abnormally high as a nation.


The number one way to express- communicate with each other! This is crucial now more than ever. Clear the air and work out ways you can make each other’s lockdown the best it can be.

10. Probably don’t take that dodgy haircut again

And a bit of personal advice- politely turn down your flatmates offer to cut your hair again to avoid another bowl cut disaster. Trust me, it looks better long.