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Urban Jungle’s Home Contents Insurance is designed to cover the stuff that matters, at home or wherever you are. It covers things like your phone, laptop, furniture and other bits and bobs against accidental damage, theft and loss.

Our flexible policies start from £5 a month so you only pay for the cover you need. Just answer 5 simple questions and get a quote in minutes.

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Home Contents Insurance

Urban Jungle’s home Contents Insurance policy is designed to help you protect your stuff in and out of your home. It covers things like your phone, laptop, furniture and other personal belongings against accidental damage, theft and loss.

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Our Contents Insurance starts from £5 per month. The policies are flexible, so you’ll only pay for the cover that you need. We only ask 5 questions, which means you can get a Contents Insurance quote in just a few minutes!

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            An armchair with blanket, cushion and laptop. A small side
            table with book, plant and glasses on it. The image includes
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What is Contents Insurance and what does it cover?

Contents Insurance is designed to cover your stuff in case something happens, whether that’s in your home or when you’re out and about. Phones, jewellery, bikes, your sofa can all be covered under Contents Insurance as long as it isn’t a structural part of your home.

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When thinking about what Contents Insurance covers, imagine moving home, what would you take with you? Everything you own and take with you is considered your contents. Things like TV, books, phone. Anything that stays in place is considered part of the building (like the flooring or the kitchen sink) is not covered on Contents Insurance.

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Unlike many other insurance providers, Urban Jungle’s Contents Insurance covers your stuff against accidental damage as standard. Spills, knocks and breakages happen... we’ve all been there!

Our policies also cover your things against damage caused by a storm or flood, fire and smoke, household leaks, and covers you if your home gets broken into.

Tenants Liability Insurance is also included, so you’re covered if you accidentally damage stuff which belongs to your landlord during your tenancy. All from just £5 a month.

Who is Contents Insurance for?

Home Contents Cover is for anyone who wants to cover their stuff in case they get damaged, lost or stolen. Contents Insurance is for renters, students or even homeowners looking to cover stuff like your phone, laptop, furniture or clothes.

Why Choose Us?

We’re here to make insurance smart and simple. We know you’ve got a million and one things you’d rather be doing, so we’re here to make insurance simple so you can get back on with your life.

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Contents Insurance starts from just £5 a month or £60 a year. Unlike some other insurance providers, we don’t charge interest if you pay monthly.

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We want to make things as quick and easy as possible, no baffling questions, just a few simple details – we won’t ask how flat your roof is!

Tweak your package

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Design your Home Contents policy to suit you. Add the coverage you need, take off what you don’t and make changes whenever you need online for free.

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Just 5 quick and easy questions about your current setup. No unnecessary questions from us.

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Create a policy to suit your needs, like adding Out of Home Cover. Never pay for cover you don’t need.


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You’re all set! Need to make a change? Update your policy or cancel online for free 24/7.

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"Cancelled my previous policy with another insurer to join Urban Jungle. They are so quick, easy and much more AFFORDABLE - I would have been silly not to go with them!"

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"Excellent customer service - needed to amend my policy, used the online chat, received instructions on how to make a change on my account. So far very happy :)"

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"Simple and easy to get cover, without any complicated questions... Ideal for first time renters who are new to the whole process. The best price for the most suitable cover too"

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"Cancelled my previous policy with another insurer to join Urban Jungle. They are so quick, easy and much more AFFORDABLE - I would have been silly not to go with them!"

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You might be wondering...

Do I need Contents Insurance?

Contents Insurance is not a legal requirement, it’s up to you whether you choose to protect your stuff or not. You may want to consider, if the worst was to happen, would you be able to financially replace all your stuff? Or pay for alternative accommodation? If you are wondering how to work out the value of your stuff, check out our Contents Insurance calculator here.

If you own your home, you may be required to get buildings insurance as part of your mortgage contract. Learn more about Buildings Insurance here.

Does Home Contents Insurance cover mobile phones?

Most Contents Insurance will cover your mobile phone on the policy in the home. For covering your phone outside of the home, make sure you have ‘Out of Home’ or ‘Away from Home’ cover included. This is usually an optional add-on to Contents Insurance policies.

Most insurance providers will have limits around how old the mobile phone is and if claimed will be depreciated. It’s always best to check out the policy document before you buy insurance.

Are bikes covered under Home Insurance?

Your Home Insurance will usually offer you the option to add on coverage for your bicycle out of the home.

Most insurance policies will require you to lock your bike in a certain way so be sure to check the policy documents.

Here at Urban Jungle, our policy is designed to cover bikes up to £2,000 with our optional add on ‘Out of Home’.

Check out ‘Bicycle insurance comparison uk guide: how to get the best cover’.

Does Contents Insurance cover Accidental Damage?

Accidental Damage refers to unexpected and unintended damage or breakage. This would have been caused by a single, sudden and one-off event that was unforeseeable.

Find out more about Accidental Damage here.

Does Contents Insurance cover Accidental Damage for laptops?

Yes, usually Accidental Damage cover options are designed to cover laptops in the home on Contents Insurance. Always be sure to check the policy document of the policy as insurers details vary.

How much Home Contents Insurance do I need?

It’s important to get the right amount of Contents Cover. If you underestimate, the insurer may not pay the full amount. If you overestimate, you might end up paying too much for your insurance.

We’ve made a contents calculator for you to add up all your stuff which you can access here contents calculator.

Remember to keep your policy updated if you buy new stuff! You can do this for free with Urban Jungle’s Contents Insurance.

How much is Contents Insurance?

Contents Insurance cost ranges depending on how much stuff you have to be covered.

In 2019, the ABI found that the average cost of Contents Insurance was £127 a year. That's £2.40 per week! Less than the weekly spend on takeaway meals.

Check out more details in our blog ‘How much does contents insurance cost?’

Get Contents Insurance from just £5 per month / £60 per year. Get a Contents Insurance quote here.

What is Contents Insurance excess?

Excess (also known as ‘deductible’) is a specified amount you pay towards a successful claim.

For example, if the cost of settling the claim is £1,000, and you had an excess of £150, you would be required to pay £150. The insurer would then pay £850 towards the claim.

For a Contents Insurance policy, you will often be able to select your excess which usually varies between £0- £1,500.

The more excess you select, the cheaper your policy will likely be but it’s important to consider your excess if you need to make a claim. To read more on excess, check out our jargon buster here.

What is an underwriter?

An underwriter is an insurer that you pay your premium to, which in return is responsible for paying any valid claims that may arise.

We work with several underwriters to offer you a range of products. For more information about who we work with, please see ‘which underwriters do Urban Jungle work with’ here.

Does Contents Insurance include Tenant Liability Cover?

Tenants Liability Cover isn’t always covered in Contents Insurance so it’s important to check the policy document before you buy a policy.

Get Contents Insurance that includes Tenant Liability Insurance cover as standard from just £5 per month. No need to add it as an extra.

Tenants Liability standalone product is £55 or £65 per year. Get Contents Insurance which includes Tenants Liability from just £60 per year.

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