Buildings and Contents Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structural parts of your home.

Things like the roof, windows and walls of your property, and also permanent fixtures like bathroom suites and fitted kitchens.

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Buildings and Contents Insurance

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Buildings Insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structural parts of your home.

Things like the roof, windows and walls of your property, and also permanent fixtures like bathroom suites and fitted kitchens.

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            A dollshouse with items inside.

What is buildings and contents insurance?

So, what is building and contents insurance in the UK? Buildings insurance covers your property against structural damage. It’s often combined with contents insurance so that everything is covered under one policy.

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Buildings Insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your home, excluding the cost of the land it’s on. When you choose the level of buildings cover you need, it should be based on the rebuild value of your property - not the price you paid for it, or would sell it for.

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Contents Insurance is designed to cover your stuff in case something happens, whether that’s in your home or when you’re out and about. Phones, jewellery, bikes, even your sofa can all be covered under Contents Insurance.

Want to find out more? Check out this handy blog for the low-down on building and contents insurance explained.

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Who is Buildings Insurance for?

Now you know the building and contents insurance meaning, you might be wondering, ‘do I need building and contents insurance?’

Buildings Insurance is for homeowners. It covers your building and the structural parts of your home against damage.

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If you’re buying your property with a mortgage as a freeholder, your mortgage provider will often require you to have Buildings Insurance in place from the date of exchange.

With our quick quotes and easy online account management, Urban Jungle Buildings and Contents Insurance is great for first-time buyers. Find out more about buildings and contents insurance for first-time buyers here and buildings and contents insurance for new builds here.

You don’t usually need house contents and building insurance if you’re renting a property - it’s up to your landlord to take out a policy. If you are a tenant and want to insure your stuff, check out our Home Contents Insurance.

What does building and contents insurance cover?

So, what is covered by buildings and contents insurance? Urban Jungle’s Building and Content Insurance policy is made for homeowners who need insurance for their property, its fixtures and the stuff inside, so your entire home is covered.

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Our Home Content and Building Insurance policy covers the insured building if it’s damaged by fire, vandalism, subsidence, landslips, storms, floods and escaped water or oil. It also covers alternative accommodation costs if your house becomes uninhabitable. We offer £1 million of building cover, and if you want you can add on Accidental Damage, Legal Expenses Cover and Home Emergency Cover.

Find out more about building and contents insurance: what does it cover here, and all about building and contents insurance with boiler cover in this handy blog!

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The contents part of our policy covers things like your phone, laptop and furniture (basically anything you’d normally take with you when you move) against fire, storm or flood, with the option to include Accidental Damage cover.

Urban Jungle’s Contents and Building Insurance gives you:

  • £1m of building cover
  • Up to £120k contents cover
  • Cover for phones and bikes
  • Option to add on Accidental Damage, Legal Expenses and Home Emergency Cover.
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You might be wondering...

Do I need buildings and contents insurance?

Your mortgage lender may require you to purchase house building and contents insurance, or just buildings insurance. The answer to ‘should I get buildings and contents insurance together?’ is something you’ll need to decide for yourself. Though something to consider is the simplicity of having combined buildings and contents insurance policies under one insurance provider.

If you don’t have a mortgage, home building and contents insurance is not compulsory or a legal requirement. Although you may want to consider if you would be able to cover the cost of repairing your home, should the worst happen.

If you’re wondering ‘which buildings and contents insurance would be best for me’? It might be useful to compare buildings and contents insurance policies to find the best buildings and contents insurance provider for you. It’s quick and simple to compare building and contents insurance using building and contents insurance comparison tools online.

Get building and contents insurance quotes online here

What is buildings & contents insurance with accidental damage?

Accidental damage refers to unexpected and unintended damage or breakage. This would have been caused by a single, sudden and one-off event that was unforeseeable and identifiable. It can be a part of building insurance and contents insurance.

Global research company Mintel reports that a third of claims on Home Insurance are from accidental damage, with it being the most popular thing to add to a policy.

Urban Jungle offers Accidental Damage as an add-on to building and house contents insurance. When getting contents and building insurance quotes simply select to include it. Read more about accidental damage on contents and buildings insurance here.

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Can I change home insurance at any time?

You may be asking ‘can you change home insurance mid-year?’. Most insurance companies will tie you into a yearly buildings and home contents insurance policy. Here at Urban Jungle, you can do what works for you, either monthly or yearly.

On your Urban Jungle Buildings and Contents policy, you won’t be charged interest for picking monthly either unlike a lot of traditional home buildings and contents insurance providers.

Choosing an Urban Jungle monthly Building and Home Contents Insurance policy means you can cancel anytime for free. We know things change and quite often you’re on the move, so being able to make changes to your home contents and building insurance online makes insurance more faff-free!

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When do you get home insurance?

For buildings and contents home insurance, you'll often need to provide proof to your mortgage lender that you have insurance in place. You’ll often need home insurance for buildings and contents before completing on your property.

Get building and content insurance quotes here.

What is a buildings insurance Excess?

Buildings insurance excess is a specified amount you pay towards a successful claim. You will often have the chance to select your voluntary excess (excess you can choose) but there may be a compulsory excess (excess which the insurer choses) which cannot be changed for things like household leaks.

Checkout more in our blog on voluntary excess on home insurance here.

What is an insurance underwriting company?

An insurance underwriting company is the insurer you pay your premium to which is responsible for paying your claims.

Urban Jungle works with several underwriters to offer you a range of products. For more information about who we work with, please see ‘which underwriters do Urban Jungle work with’ here.

What is home emergency cover on buildings insurance?

Home emergency cover is a type of insurance designed to cover the costs due to a sudden unexpected event that requires immediate action, to prevent further damage or to make your home habitable.

Most of our Urban Jungle policies can include Home Emergency as an optional add-on. Whilst completing the quote questions, you will be offered a Home Emergency cover add on if it is available for the policy you are purchasing.

If you have added home emergency cover or let home emergency cover, it will be listed in your policy document.

Find out more on home emergency cover here.

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